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Description: After Roxee Robinson did hardcore fucking at XL Angels, among the praise were some emails from boys really jealous of Steve Q. getting to bone this luscious redhead! What can we tell ya? Roxee did promise a glad ending and this babe was true to her word. Now it's time for some cosplay with Roxee clothed as a Victorian-era maid (in immodest old books like My Secret Life) getting a little eager in the garden. Walk softly, talk softly and carry a large babe-stick is Roxee's motto. XLGirls: Roxee, have your zeppelins ever broken a brassiere hook or a brassiere belt? Roxee: My bumpers have broken thongs, wires and hooks! XLGirls: Have u ever broken a bikini thong at the beach? Roxee: Not At Any Time yet broken a bikini thong, thank goodness these little small strings can handle some enormous hooters. XLGirls: Are u a shower or bathroom cutie? Roxee: I love a lengthy hawt shower. I likewise like a lengthy soak in the tub, especially one with jets.
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