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Description: Have a beach day with the International model, Taylor Brumann from Switzerland. On location in Portugal, Taylor grabs her surfboard for her close-up with the photographer, Ana Dias. My time on set? It was indeed astounding, starts Taylor, indeed priceless energy. Ana and her team were so kind and laughable! They make me feel very comfortable, and we laughed a lot. An adventurous person, surfing the shores of Portugal, skydiving, or posing naked are all exciting for Taylor. I have no problem with posing undressed. If I feel comfortable with my surroundings and the people I work with, this babe says. In her free time, Taylor can't live without to find fresh places and spend time with her loved ones. I love traveling, walking, hanging out with my allies, being in nature, listening to wonderful music, and drinking valuable wine. Learn greater amount about Taylor Brumann right here on Playboy Plus. neverseen fotos and movie scenes from PlayboyPlus
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