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Description: Midwestern model, Brooke Lorraine returns to Playboy Plus for her 3rd pictorial. On the location of a gorgeous home in sunny Los Angeles, Brooke lounges by the pool as the photographer, Torrey West, snaps away at the camera. I think I'm a humorous and facile-going person, says Brooke of herself. I love to make people laugh, and I love helping others! As this babe takes a dip, Brooke tells us a little about what this babe looks for in anybody to date. Anybody with a admirable sense of humor, who is assured, smart, and supportive, this babe says. My flawless 1st date? Either going paddle boarding or horseback riding, getting Mexican food, and then walking along the boardwalk as the sun sets! Previous To leaving the set, Brooke even let us in on her superlatively good piece of sex advice. Confidence is key, this babe says. Listen to your partner, and don't be selfish! Receive to know Brooke greater amount in her previous pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus! neverseen images and episodes from PlayboyPlus
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