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Description: Newcomer, Steph, makes a pit stop for some gas and a photoshoot. On location in Palmdale, California, with the photographer Cassandra Keyes, Steph makes her Playboy Plus debut on the set of an old servicing station. I'm gorgeous chill, says Steph of herself. My excitement is creating! I'm not nice with words; I'm not fine with expressing myself, but modeling has allowed me to do that like no thing else! Steph is a fan of the creative process. I receive to have input on majority of my discharges, and that keeps my fire going, that babe smiles. For Steph, posing bare is about being proud of who that babe is. I love it. I grew up being bullied for my figure, so, in a way, I feel like I fell into posing naked as a gift to myself, this babe says. It was me accepting myself and being proud of my vessel. Stay tuned for greater amount from Steph, right here on Playboy Plus! neverseen images and movie scenes from PlayboyPlus
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