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Description: Do u know the color of Jennica's eyes? As Jennica says, "A lot of the time boyz will be talking to my milk shakes and not my face. I have to say to 'em, 'Hey u. I'm up here.' They're talking to me, but they're looking at my breasts." The answer: Jennica has sparkling blue eyes. In this new scene, Jennica emerges from the second floor of the swanky mansion in the Dominican Republic and gazes at the scenic angel of the coastline and the mountains. Scenic hotty that does not compare to Jennica's natural girl and huge mountains. This Babe heads downstairs to show u each inch of her amazing body, large, large M-cup meatballs and twat. One Time absolutely in nature's garb, Jennica takes a refreshing shower as the camera follows her. It's hawt in paradise and Jennica has made it hotter.
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