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Description: We all know how family vacations can go... Lengthy boring car rides with no thing to do but play boring tour sign games, and fight with your sibling for that supplementary space in the car back seat...during the time that mommy and daddy one as well as the other have their own space up in front. But in some odd way shape or form, even though your sibling annoys the living shit out of u....somehow there's always moments during the travel where u the one and the other become very close.Well this special journey was no different, except my lil step-sis and I shared a pont of time that got us closer than I ever thought we could acquire!It was our 1st night after we arrived in Florida, and mama and daddy checked us all in to our hotel. Mamma and daddy were in the adjoining room next door, and they got us a room to share. But of course the hotel was the solely rooms they had left were single queen beds...which means we had to share. We have shared beds in advance of, but this was years agone...and at no time after we the one and the other have turned eighteen yrs old.The weather sucked, and mama and daddy were exhausted from driving all day. So nice-looking much we were stuck jointly in our hotel room with no thing but energy, and no thing to do.My step-sis was being annoying as hell, so to shut her up....I acceded to play a game with her. Since we didn't have any cards or actual board games, my step-sis suggested that we play Truth or Dare. To me...Truth or Dare was not a game that was well suited for step-brothers and step-sisters to play, but I just wanted her to stop bothering I acceded.We asked a pair of questions back n forth, but then the game took a weird turn. I'm not sure if we were just also fastened up jointly (1st in the car all day, then in a miniature hotel room with just one queen daybed), but the questions turned oddly raunchy. The tension in the room became very apparent, and a very warm tingly sensation started to pulsate throughout me.To this point we the one and the other opted for 'Truth' questions, but all of a sudden my lil step-sis said me I could 'Dare' her, and previous to I knew it....I dared her to disrobe stripped in front of me! I couldn't make no doubt of my eyes, that babe indeed started to disrobe in front of me! Then it was her turn... So this babe then 'Dared' me. This Babe dared me to touch her!See as step-brother and step-sis the one and the other entertain themselves, as they explore every other's bodies for the first time...Oh...and lil step-sis 'Dared' one final thing, for large step-brother to blow his whole hawt steamy large load into her open swelled slit!***Starring Sierra Nicole*** Creampie Finish