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Description: Paola Zaguna discovered a secluded spot outdoors where that babe could be nature woman and take off her clothes out of any peepers around to spy on her. With her trusty sex-toy in hand, Paola masturbates and plays with her massive bumpers on the rocks, the one and the other near the water and in the water. XLGirls gives major props to Paola for finding this secret location and adding a lot of heat to the local scenery. XLGirls: How do u discover bras that fit these very large pointer sisters? Paola Zaguna: It's a bit difficult but I have to buy off the rack. XLGirls: When u go out, how do u costume? Paola Zaguna: I like to show a lot of cleavage and I like very short skirts. XLGirls: Do u always wear a brassiere? Paola Zaguna: I wear a brassiere to go out. When I'm in my abode I don't. XLGirls: So, when u leave your abode, u... Paola Zaguna: I receive a lot of attention. I feel fortunate to have my large scones.
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