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Description: U might recall that this past summer, Maddie did a scene in which a ally of the family came over to aid her do some yard work. Maddie was wearing a small bikini that showed off her voluptuous body, and in advance of that babe knew it, this babe was helping herself to the dude's dong. This scene is the sequel to that one, but u didn't think Maddie was going to do the same-old same-old, did u? Of course not! "Hey, Maddie. U need me to work on your pool once more?" this chab says. "That's not what I had in mind for u," says Maddie, who looks more excellent than ever in her bikini. "I was looking for some other excuse to receive u here this day. I think we need to have greater amount of that enjoyment this day." "How can I say no?" this guy says. Well, this chab can't and this chab doesn't crave to. "I truly had smth additional in mind," Maddie says. "I think I wish u to fuck me in the a-hole this day." Of course, this guy eats her cum-hole and copulates her throat and vagina 1st. And this chab plays with her large melons, which are even larger than final time. And this guy does it outside, poolside, where the neighbors could watch 'em. But then this babe takes the act inside, where that babe gives up her a-hole. It's an booty that's made for fucking. There is no moral to this story, unless that moral is, "If your sexy ally of the family craves u to come over and fuck her gazoo, do it!"
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